Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Post for the Duchess

Recently I commented on a post by the lovely Duchess Declutter about one of her bantums called Little Banty.
I let her know that we have Little Banty's twin Bubble is living at our place.
The photos are not great (sorry) but as you can see there is quite a resemblance.

Bubble has been a great mum to all of the chicks she has hatched and loves having a little brood to look after.

Sadly Bubble is almost permanently clucky so when she is not sitting on eggs for us we have to either keep getting out of the nest box and putting her out with the others or put her in the broody cage to try and break the cycle.
We pretty much stick with just getting her off the nest morning and night as she is so often clucky that the broody box is not practical (2 days out of the broody box and she is clucky again).

The face that says do not disturb
So there you are Duchess, photos as promised, albeit a bit late.

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  1. Bubble!! You do have a twin - and she is here at our place.
    Fiona - thanks so much for this post! They are definitely dead ringers. That determined look is there too. Do you know if yours is a Pekin? or a Pekin/Silkie cross. I've never really known for sure.
    Oh btw - thanks for your nice words (the lovely Duchess, I like that .. lol). cheers Wendy


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