Monday, 20 June 2011

Well Hello Jack

This morning I had a little sleep in, well till 7am anyway.
As I went about my first jobs for the day (the first jobs of every day) of letting the dog off and feeding the chickens, I took a moment to watch my breath catch in the cold morning air.

Then it occurred to me.  It was cold, blinking cold in fact.
And as I looked down there it was, the first frost of the year. Well hello Jack Frost.
Even though we are an hour North West of Brisbane it is the West part of the equation that does it.
So I flew inside for the camera and did a quick whip around and here is what Jack had been up to...

He was on an out-door table

Jack was here

And in the Chicken pen

And in the Orchard - Not that Jessie noticed as she bounded along with toy in mouth

However she did decide that it was too cold to lie on the veranda in the sun
It was apparently much better on a chair in the sun - Naughty Puppy
So Jack has paid us a visit and although he did not leave his mark as strongly as he does in the southern states of Australia, it was felt with a still chilly 2 degrees at 8.30 am.
No doubt Jack will be back again so I will need to rig up some protection for a few plants around the garden.  I will let you know how that goes.


  1. This is natures way of preparing you for your visit over the ditch. I'm sure it will be way cooler over there!

  2. Jack first visited us a few weeks ago, killing our courageous basil! Much warmer on this side of the world but family back home tell us how cold it is.


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