Monday, 18 July 2011

Chilly New Zealand Days

We have now been back from NZ for a week and just though I would share some photos of a new bridge in New Plymouth NZ where I come from.

New Plymouth is a coastal city with a population that loves the outdoors, probably due to the vast numer of outdoor activities avaliable including skiing, fishing, surfing, white water rafting, bush walking and cycling just to name a few.
One of the great things about New Plymouth is the Coastal Walkway. It is a foreshore walkway that grows a few more km each year and follows the coastline for about 7km at the moment.
There has just been a new bridge established allowing the walkway to continue and it really is something.
Designed to represent the waves that crash on the shore it is positioned to capture the stunning views of Mt Taranaki when viewed from the northern end.

These photos are from some postcards I purchased as on the
day we visited we could not even see the mountain due to cloud.

Hubby and I rugged up against the cold
It really is stunning and even though it was overcast we were very impressed and next time we are back we are going to borrow/hire some bikes and ride the entire walk way stopping along the way to see the sights and have a coffee or 2.

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  1. Hello Fe,

    Just love your blog and tune in in anticipation of the next chapter.

    Must get down for a visit some time soon, would love to see 'the farm'. You guys are very welcome up here also but with you both working it is harder for you. NZ in winter, yuk !! Don just back from there after visiting sick mum, ChCh turned on a good size quake for him. We head over in Dec for 3 weeks with Jake.
    Keep up the great blog
    Love Rene


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