Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Very Wintery Indeed

In joining with Hazel about the joys of winter I thought I would share one very Wintery morning we had in NZ while on holiday during the last few weeks.

My family all ski.  My Nan, who is 81 and still skiing (more about that tomorrow), taught us (her children and grandchildren) all to ski from about the age of 4. 
My Hubby is Brisbane born and bred and had never even seen the snow so while in NZ we took him up Mt Ruapehu for a day skiing/snowboarding.
On the way to the mountain we encountered a whopper frost so we stopped to take some photos.

Yes that is just frost not snow.  These entire trees were like giant ice sculptures.

Frozen Hubby - the outdoor thermostat said it was -5 degrees brrrrr

Frozen Country Side. Mt Tongariro (not ski able) the background.

In the back ground even the tall trees have Frost on the top.
Check out the frozen wire on the fence.

Mt Ngauruhoe - Not a ski able Mountain
So I am very thankful for the cool Winter days that allow me to ski, more on the skiing tomorrow.

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  1. Skiing at 81? I am eagerly awaiting more on that!


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