Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Day in the Snow with my Nan

My Family all ski or snow board with the exception of my Dad and Pop, and since we all spend a bit of time on the slopes my Nan has a timeshare house that we all use on the edge of Lake Taupo.
So my Mum, Dad, Pop, Nan, Hubby and I all headed off for a week together.
While in NZ we wanted to have a day skiing but the forecast was not good.
No1 No Snow
No2 Wet windy weather on the way.
But Nan and I decided to at least take hubby to see the snow and take all of our gear in case we could get in some skiing.  Meanwhile the others spend the day trout fishing.

We were in luck.  The day dawned clear and calm and the snow forecast advised that due to snow making there was the beginners ski field open. 
Perfect for us as Hubby wanted to lean to snowboard, my Nan who is still skiing at 81 is happy to just take it easy and for me it was just about having a nice day out with the people I care about.

Mt Ruapehu pops into view

A brilliant day to be on the mountain

Hubby having his lesson

Practise makes perfect...

And off he goes...

Boarding like a Pro...
 So while Hubby was having his lesson Nan and I hit the slopes.  Every year for the past few years Nan has been telling us that this will be her last year and yet here we are again.  For the past 11 years she has been skiing for free because once you turn 70 they do not charge you.  Too right I say.  If you are over 70 and still have the stamina to ski then it should be free.
Now I should really mention here that my Nan is a pretty fit lady with lots of go, true she has arthritis and 2 dodgy knees but that does not stop her.  She plays bowls a few times a week, golf (without using a golf buggy) a few times a week, swims and boogie boards in the summer and does a lot of walking and treking/tramping (she recently completed a 18 day walk around the bottom of NZ's South Island).  She has always been active and does not look like slowing down anytime soon.

Nan in all her gear ready to get going

Heading up for another run
It was a great day out and even though there was not a lot of snow we all had a great day out without injury and after the day on the slopes we headed back with a stop off at the hot pools to soak the cold and aches from our muscles.
And what should we find for dinner that night but a freshly caught Rainbow Trout.  Mmmmm.  Sorry no pictures it didn't last long enough.
The weather packed it in and was cold and wet for the rest of the week so I am really glad we got one perfect day together.

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  1. WOW! I learnt to ski on Mount Ruapehu almost 17 years ago.

    What a fantastic family holiday, Fiona! Thank you for sharing.


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