Tuesday, 26 July 2011

In The Garden

I have been out in the garden this week taking stock of what I have going on and trying to put together a plan of attack for my spring time blitz.
In just over a weeks time I have 2 weeks off work to do a stack of jobs around the farm. 
Yes I have just had a holiday but these 2 weeks are in addition to my normal annual leave and will not be a holiday.  My work place allows us to purchase additional leave and have some of your pay deducted pre tax over the rest of the year to cover it.  I use mine for getting a lot of out door jobs done before we head into the hot months of the year. 
Where we live it is too hot to do strenuous out door work during the summer months, unless you plan on doing it between 4 and 6am, so I like to take a couple of weeks in August.
So what do I already have have going on in the garden?

Rhubarb seedlings to replace the ones that drowned
at the start of the year

Snow peas going crazy
We are picking them everyday and they are sweet and juicy
Some of them make it inside but not many....

Some Broccolini and a couple of Sage seedlings
As well as these we have Garlic, Silverbeet, Beetroot, Herbs and Golden Shallots.  So now I just need to plan out what jobs I want to get done in my 2 weeks.
What are you planning on doing this spring?


  1. I just hate thinking ahead to those hot months! We have recently done some more planting in the shadehouse - more broccoli and silverbeet which are pretty much staples here. I've got a little mini garden going just near the clothes line where I seem to spend so much time! Planted caspicum (just paid $3 for one little one at the shop the other day - gasp) and some tomato. Our peas are doing well at the moment too! cheers Wendy

  2. Those snowpeas are doing well for you. You've got lots coming up this spring! I'd better get a move on with it too.

  3. Good on you. Yes I too HATE summer, what else from an ex Kiwi.

    Have a vege garden all happening too, very excited. Cost of truck load soil, fertilizer, plants & seeds etc will make produce rather expensive !! but hey it's the fun. Cocatoos (fed by dopey neighbour) & an Ibis or two are the main problem. Need to train Max (Westie/Maltese cross)to chase them but leave our lovely honey eaters, maggies & cookies alone. Max hasn't quite got it worked out yet. My lemon bush (pot specimen) @ $33 yielded 3 lemons !!! that makes each lemon $3.33333333 a piece. The bloody cockies nipped them off, dug a hole in them & left them to rot grrrrr!! Now have bird netting. Hope I haven't been too keen & sown too early, we don't usually get frosts in Poona however. Have another stalk of bananas nearly ready to pick, at least I have had success with them.

    Cheers Fe


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