Monday, 4 February 2013

Stock Pile Challenge Pt 2

For the month of February I am undertaking a challenge to see how long we can go without shopping.

I have allowed $15 a week for milk, fresh fruit and vegetables but really we will be aiming not to have to use this.
I should point out that this challenge includes all meals, with the exception of 2 birthday dinners that we are attending during the month.  We do not buy lunches and always take our own and living in the country takeaway is not something that features on the menu.

So far I have been working out our meals and any baking from what needs to be used up first.  I have made a carrot cake and used up some cream cheese in the icing.
Carrot Cake
We have also had oven roasted capsicums and grilled eggplant from the garden and hummus made from chickpeas from the pantry.
I had there have also been 2 frozen leftovers meals from the freezer.

Over the weekend bread was baked and yoghurt was made.  After all the rain we had last weekend the asparagus decided to send up a whole lot of new shots which we enjoyed grilled with poached eggs on the weekend.
I am feeling really positive about how things are going so far but then again it is only day 4.


  1. You are definately one of my homesteading Aussie icons :). I am really enjoying reading your posts and seeing how I can adapt what you share on our property down here in Northern Tassie. Cheers for sharing this vital info with us all, its really important to know :)

  2. four days is good in itself! and what yummy food! i imagine you stocked up in preparation? you'd need heaps of basics like flour etc.

  3. Impressive cake - and asparagus Fiona! You are doing well with your challenge. cheers Wendy


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