Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Wet Wet Wet

Well yet again we are flooded in.  We have had another 200mls of rain in the last 2 days and it is still raining. So at this stage I have no photos of our latest farming adventures.  But once I can get a break in the weather so I can get out there with the camera I will post about it.
 Jessie finds it very hard to stay out of the rain as she still has bundles of energy to burn.  Which means that we also spend time in the rain with her.  Thankfully a hot bath full to the brim is not an issue.
Hope you are high and dry where you are.


  1. Yep, here in the burbs we are dry and loving the free water. My factory lost power today so on the way to work they told me to go home. I managed to snuggle under the doona and snooze while listening to the rain. Bugger if they didnt call an hour later to say it was back on. Oh well, any time off only makes the paper pile bigger the next day. At least your tanks will be full and youve got an excuse for time off.

  2. Don't wish the dry on us PLEASE! High yes, but this rain that has been pushed down to Tassie is the first that we have had in months...keep sending it down our way please, my poor garden has been limping along for months and was showing serious signs of giving up the ghost until yesterdays lovely steady rain. The dogs are sulking but the garden is positively radiant today :)

  3. We are going down to Brisbane next week and hoping that it will be a bit drier than it has been... Amazing how quickly that lovely rain soaks right into the soil though isn't it?

  4. Ditto to that! Catch us a few buckets? We're getting a bit of wetness now, but more in the 1mm realm which isn't even touching the sides. Oh wouldn't even distribution be lovely! :)

  5. we have had no rain in our gage for almost 6 months..bar one time when we got a lite sprinkling

  6. Hope you are staying safe and are well stocked! i am so over the rain here too...only so much you can do we 2 two year olds inside and piles of red dirt everywhere outside!
    Wishing you some sunny days ahead xx


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