Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Putting My New Old Boots To Work

For a while now I have needed to get myself a pair of work boots and I was about to start shopping around for some when my mother in law tells me there are two old pairs of doc martins in their spare room.
The boots used to belong to either Hubby or his brother and have been in that cupboard since they both moved out of home about 20 years ago.
So I tried both pairs on and one of the pairs fit perfectly.  They are actually a size bigger than I would normally take but I wear an orthotic so that accounted for the larger size.
The boots were in great condition and the only thing was that the leather was a bit dry.  I gave them a good polish and they were set to go.

Today my new boots were put to work today dealing with a neglected garden bed.  We have two veggie beds near the house and two out near the chicken pens.  This one has been out of use for the last 8 months and was full of weeds, self seeded cheery tomatoes and the kikuyu grass was starting to invade.

You can see how overgrown it was but thankfully it was mainly milk thistles and chick weed which we fed to the chickens and they were in chicken heaven/

Number one helper was on site to make sure we were working hard and that there we no forgotten bones hiding among the weeds.

When the bed was cleared of weeds we added 4 wheel barrows of mushroom compost that we have had breaking down since January.  We started digging it through and then I decided that the chickens would do a much better job plus get the benefit of all the bugs.
So we caught a few chickens and added them and some temporary shade to the pen for the rest of the day.

Well so we thought.  I turned out that after a few hours they had had enough and were ready to go back to their pen.  It's hard to find good workers these days.
So it looks like I will be back out there on the weekend digging in the compost by hand.


  1. Great recycling with the boots and I'm sure those chickens will work over that garden in no time. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane,

  2. Hello Fiona! Have seen your comments on my blog and wanted to pop in and see what you were up too. 'New" boots are always a grand prize are they not? Our garden is in much the same shape but day by day we make progress. Love your blog!!!


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