Friday, 23 May 2014

Strange Garlicy Happenings

For the last few years I have grown my own garlic and in most cases I have used my own garlic when it comes to replanting.
Last year I ended up buying some new garlic for planting as what I had left from the previous years crop had gone soft and hollowed out and I did not have enough to plant out.

I ended up with a good harvest last year and we still have enough left to get us through another few months.

The other when I was getting some more garlic out of the bag I have it all stored in I noticed that most of the ones I had left had these little bulbs growing in what would have been the leaf part when they were still growing.
These are not the result of the bulb flowering as that never happened and I do not think they are scapes as the garlic never took on the general curly look that scapes have.  Plus scapes normally form lots of little bulblits if left to mature.  Mine all have two little round cloves growing in the dried foliage and separated by a gap.

What do you think?  Have you ever seen this before?

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