Sunday, 13 July 2014

Back To Blogging - The Story Of My Sore Neck

For the past week I have been resting up with a sore neck which is a result of a car accident.

Last weekend on my way into town I managed to crash my car, writing it off completely.  I was only doing about 60km per hour but as I came around a bend in the road my car slid on the wet surface.  First I slid to the right then to the left before spinning around so I was travelling backwards.  I slid backwards for a bit and slammed into a tree right in the middle of my rear bumper.

I knew I was ok and not badly hurt but I also knew I had been slammed back into my drivers seat pretty hard.  I called my Hubby who was still at home and he was there within about 10 minutes.  We organised a tow truck, collected all my personal belongings from the car and, after meeting the tow truck, headed off to the Dr to get me checked out.

As expected I had whip lash but thankfully no broken bones.  I found that I was ok while I was vertical but as soon as I tried to lie down I discovered that my neck muscles were so fatigued they could not support my head.  So every night this week I have had to support my head with my hands when I lie down.

I will be going to see a physiotherapist later this week once all the muscle pain has gone and hopefully I will be back to normal in no time at all.

My car is a goner but I am ok and at the end of the day that is what matters.  So hopefully I will be back to blogging all this week.


  1. I hope your neck gets better quickly. Take it easy in the meantime and give your body time to heal.

  2. Oh goodness Fiona, How lucky you were! It can happen so quickly can't it? I hope the neck gets right very soon.

  3. That was a lucky escape from what could have been more serious. Take it easy. Hope you recover soon.

  4. That would have been very frightening and trust me hitting something at 60kms an hour is a huge impact so could you imagine being involved in an accident when both cars are doing 100kms. Too frightening to think about. You will absolutely be sore for weeks and particularly your neck and back. A number of years ago I was involved in an accident which was not my fault. I was heading towards a traffic light with no cars in my lane which was closest to the footpath so driving forward at 60kms towards the lights. There were cars all lined up in the lane next to me waiting at the red light however a person in that lane decided to let a car which was coming in the opposite direction on the inside lane cross in front of them to go to the video shop. In other words they left a space but this car just drove through past the kind person letting them cross but didn't stop to see if traffic was coming in the lane and just drove straight across in front of me and smash. The worst thing is what takes less than a minute happens in slow motion in your head at the time. Me driving in an empty lane and then a car pops out across in front and you hit the brake and your body is pushed forward at a force from the sudden break and then thrown back into the seat with force. Apart from the shock and I was shaking I was sore for weeks and you will be too. So glad it's not worse given what you smashed into it. You will need to look after yourself in the coming months. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  5. Hi Fiona, I left a message yesterday. Not sure what happened to it. Take care of yourself. That would have been a terrible shock!

  6. Lordy, how did i miss this post. That was a close one. Never mind the car, assume its insured.

    It sounds like you put your foot on the brake or overcorrected when you started to slide/fishtail. Apparently, if you are in a slide and it is less than 45 degrees you point the steering wheel straight in the direction you want to go (making only slight corrections) and just ease off on the acceleration for a moment. Never brake. When you manage to get the front wheels in the right direction then gradually increase speed and power out of it. Its to do with the weight transferring from the rear to the front which makes you lose traction at the rear and it starts to swing around. By losing a bit of speed you readjust the weight distribution and then it should correct itself.

    Of course, this is all good in theory but unless you have done a professional driving course and had experience doing this you will automatically default to oversteering and braking. Trust me, i know. I was on a dirt road in a rally car and ended up facing the wrong direction on the side of the road with all the rubber rolled off my tyres. I was literally sitting on metal rims in the country, on a farm road in the middle of no where. Blasted setting sun totally blinded me. Lucky for me the closest farm belonged to the people who owned the tyre shop in town. They certainly shook there head when they saw my car and are probably still talking about it.

    So glad you survived with no major injuries but do look after that neck and keep seeing your professional carer.


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