Thursday, 26 March 2015

Preparing For Camping

We are heading off to Girraween National Park camping for 10 days tomorrow and as we are both busy right up until we leave I have been doing a few things to prepare for our trip.

I like to do a menu plan for the entire time we are away because I have found in the past if we do not do this we end up with more food than we need and there can be waste.  To help with preventing waste I also plan for one day less of food than we need as I have found that we often have a few days where we just eat 2 meals and have some snacks.  We always have a few tins of things in case we need any extra meals.

While we are away we need 10 Breakfasts, 10 Lunches and 10 Dinners plus snacks and this is what is planned:

Breakfast: Bacon and Egg English Muffins x 2 Days, Bacon, Eggs and Baked Beans x 2 Days,
Bacon, Mushrooms and Haloumi, French Toast and Berries x 2 Days, Porridge x 2 Days.

Lunch: Jaffles (toasted sandwiches) x 4 Days, Salad Rolls x 4 Days and 1 day we will go out for the day so we will eat out that day.

Dinner: Sausages and Salad x 2 Days, Steak and Salad, Satay Chicken Kebabs and Grilled Veg, Baked Potatoes and Coleslaw, Nachos, Pasta with Chorizo and Pesto, Salmon Patties.

To this there will be fruit, nuts, crackers, cheese, olives and hommus for snacks and a few bottles of wine for the evening.

As I have planned to have french toast with berries a couple of mornings I stewed up some frozen mixed berries and a couple of nectarines that had gone soft.

Then the stewed fruit was then returned to the bag the berries came out of and frozen flat to make for easy storage when camping.

We have a camping fridge/freezer that we switch to freezer mode for longer breaks and we use it to keep meat frozen and to freeze ice bricks.
I separate the bacon into packs of 2 rashers/1 meal.  This means you only need to defrost one portion at a time and the rest can stay frozen.  I also do the same with Kabana, I cut it down to one portion and vacuum pack it,

Last week I cooked up some Chilli so I packed some in a takeaway container to freeze for one of our camping meals.  As much as part of the camping experience is the campfire cooking, I still like to have a few meals that just need to be heated and served.

We have a house sitter coming to look after Jessie, the chicken and things here so we can head off and relax without any worries.
I have planned a few posts for the time we are away and I hope you all have a safe and happy Easter.

Do you menu plan for when you go away?
What have you got planned for Easter?


  1. What a great idea to do a menu plan for camping. You are right, there is usually a lot of waste and a lot of dining out because you cant put it all together or some ingredient is missing or you are on holidays and you cant be fagged. Well Done. Big gold stars for you both.

    1. Thanks Lynda yes there can be a lot of waste and some of it comes from the fact you can't be bothered which is why I plan for 1 less day of food.


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