Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Raw Milk Petition Update

Yesterday I posted about the raw milk battle that is brewing in South Australia. Today I received an update advising that for the petition to be tabled in parliament it needs to be in a set format.

The good news is that it is as simple as printing out the petition signing it and getting anyone else you know to sign it and putting it the post.  You have until Saturday April 18 for the petition to be received so print out a few keep them in your car, in your handbag and take them everywhere you go.  Encourage others to sign them too and spread the word that we want the right to choose.

So for the cost of a 70 cent stamp you can make sure your voice is well and truly heard.

MP to table our Petition in Parliament

Please print this out and fill the page with signatures including your own and then post back to the address outlined.

To print out the petition click here


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