Wednesday, 11 March 2015

What We Started With 6 Years Ago - A Renovators Journey

When we purchased our property back in 2009 it was a bit of a dump and was in desperate need of some TLC.

What gardens there were were overgrown and the shade house was collapsing.  There was no driveway until we put one in.

The deck had never been oiled and was all grey and mouldy.

The front room had kids drawings on the ceiling and the walls were painted with exterior house paint.

There was no carpet in most of the rooms and most of the window dressings were broken.  The office was painted with exterior paint too.

The main bedroom had a horrible old rattly air conditioner and some of the lovely fake wood paneling that featured throughout the house.  Thankfully Hubby was able to make a massive improvement.

The kitchen had a horrible old recirculating fan above the stove that was covered in grease, and the dinning room was a sea of wood paneling.

The lounge was more wood paneling and a timber floor covered in paint spots and a green painted edge around the entire room.  We were really glad to repaint and get carpet laid.

The bathroom had a concrete floor and old vanity and a bath with horrible wall tiles and a scratched bath and we lived with it for 5 years until we renovated.

Outside the ugly tin sheds were on full display.

There was a number of poorly maintained trees that had been pruned badly and were all misshapen.

The lawn was growing over everything.

The lawn was so overgrown at the back we could not even open the back door and it turned out there was a concrete slab under all the grass.

The property did come with a tractor that we used a few times and then sold for $800.  There were no fences other than the boundary and the cows had been keeping the lawn mowed.

There were no gardens just random trees planted in the lawn, where gardens might have been at some stage in the past.

There was a bent pine tree that was removed as soon as we moved in and an old low retaining wall that we replaced and turned into a fire pit.

I bet you are now wondering how we could see past it all.  Looking back I am not sure either, but we did and we thought it could be a great place to live.  And it has been,
We have put in a lot of man hours and a bit of money (but not that much) and lots of sweat, tears, four letter words and a few god old tantrums too.

So now we just hope it sells in a reasonable time frame so we can move on to our next adventure.


  1. Goodness, though the bones are still there, it looks like a completely different house. That wide verandah is my favourite.

    1. Lynda it is strange to look back and see what it used to look like because you are right it is so different now.

  2. I think you were brave (others less polite might have suggested you had too many wines when you inspected and bought) A really big job and a massive improvement.

    1. Brave dreamers who thought they could do make something of the place. I think that having youth on our side helped.

  3. A great job it's lovely looking back at the changes over the years and here's hoping it sells fast and for a great profit. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

    1. Thanks Kathy we are not sure we will get huge profits as we purchased at the top of the market but it has been a great learning curve,

  4. Wow Fiona, what a transformation! Congratulations. I am sure it will sell in no time, it all looks lovely.


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