Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Long Weekend Camping

Over the long weekend hubby and I managed to get away for a few nights camping at Bernakin State Forest.  This is the second time we have camped here and last time it was a bit of an adventure that you can read about here.

Friends of ours were able to feed the cat and chickens for us and you are allowed dogs at this camp ground so Jessie got to come with us.
The weather was cool and damp but not rainy other than the odd shower.  We had a fire going and spent our days sitting nearby, knitting (me not hubby), reading, and playing majong.  We also went on some bush walks where we saw lots of kangaroos and deer.

We got a new tent and look who I busted cuddled up in bed!
Get that smelly little puppy off the bed!!
Naughty husband, happy dog.
We had a visit from a Koala too.
He proceeded to join us for breakfast.
Mmmmm gum leaves.
A lovely relaxing weekend away, just what the Dr ordered.


  1. haha, naughty dog encouraged by naughty husband, often find dogs sneaked into beds and onto couches at our place too, never husband's fault, just naughty dog, very cut though :)

  2. Sounds like a magic weekend!!Love the koala!


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