Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Veggie Garden Whip Around

The Winter veg are coming along nicely.

There is Kohl Rabi and Fennel

 And the Kohl Rabi are ready to harvest.
 Mini Cabbages nearly ready too.
 Crunchy Pak Choy that has been making it's way into stir Fry's this week.
 Silverbeet and Coriander going crazy.  I think there will be coriander pesto on the cards this weekend.
 And the brassicas out the back in my gardening experiment are coming along nicely.

What's happening in your veggie patch?


  1. Wow, the veggies are looking great. You can really taste the difference when they are home grown.

  2. They are all looking good at your place! Unfortunately i think we have had too much rain and we are getting everything wilting from fungal diseases i think!! I love the pak choy...grows so quickly!

  3. Your veggie garden is looking great, I am losing 2/3rds of what I plant here...something is enjoying the seedlings before they have a chance to grow....hope you enjoy those fresh veg...

  4. Your garden is wonderful. Somehow I do more gardening than harvesting. I wonder if Debra lives near me and the same 'something' is eating both our gardens!

    Enjoy the fruits of your labour! Well done.

  5. Please share what you will do with the kohl rabi, we bought some from the market last year and didn't even know what it was, didn't know how to cook it, I thought it tasted like broccoli stalks, interested to know if you have a tasty way of cooking it :)


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