Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Calling It Quits

Over the weekend I pulled out all of my brassicas.  They grew healthy and strong but never formed heads, and after hoping and praying they would amount to something, anything I had to cut my losses.
All was not lost as our cows (Freezer 1 and Freezer 2) were treated to a salad feast.  And they sure did seem to enjoy their meal.
Today after building up the soil and putting some nutrients back into it I will be planting our some summer veg.  Lets hope I have better luck with those.


  1. I had a few like that too, and I fed the leaves to Bella until I got sick of it too and pulled them all out.

  2. I've got some cabbages and brussell sprouts that never did anything. And they're still in the ground but I think it's time I pulled mine out too.

  3. thats dissapointing, but sometimes it happens....either too cold to set, or too warm...
    Try again next year..............


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