Thursday, 11 October 2012

Organic Seed Giveaway

This year I had great success with Pak Choy.   But after eating it for quite a while and other greens doing well in the garden I let the last 3 plants go to seed.
And go to seed they did.  So last weekend, after drying out the seed pods for a few weeks, I spent  some time shelling all the little seed pods.  Now I have more seed than I could ever use so I would like to give most of them away.

If you would like some please email me and I will post them to you  (my contact details are on my profile page).  I can only send these within Australia due to quarantine laws but I have plenty to give away so if you want some please let me know.


  1. I would love some - I will e-mail you my details. Your rosella seeds are heading out tomorrow!

  2. Can you tell me what I did wrong? Brand new garden in Melbourne. Planted PakChoy seedlings (about 5 cm high) and within a few weeks I had flowers on top. I am told that means they are seeding. They were only about 7cm high - not exactly the nutritious feed i was hoping for.

    1. Lynda They are prone to bolting to seed for a number of reasons. If the weather gets too hot or if they get stressed they will bolt. They are much better grown from seed. If you would like some let me know. It is better to sow them and if you really want thin them out. I never bother and they seem to cope quite well being a bit crowded.

  3. Well done Fiona, I am also harvesting lots of seeds at the moment, will email you to arrange a swap :)


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