Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Common Sense Out The Window

So on the weekend I made a batch of soap.  This is a first for me as I have not made soap before but I have been keen to have a go for a while.
The soap seemed to turn out ok and I have left it to cure so I will wait and see how it turns out in a few weeks.

So if it wasn't an issue with the soap at what point did my brain go to sleep?

That would be when I put my silicone soap moulds in the dishwasher....doh!
Turn head to the right...
Yep I was so distracted by the foam spilling out of the
dishwasher I forgot which way up I had the camera
What a foamy mess.
Thankfully I keep a spray bottle of vinegar for cleaning under the sink and a few sprays of the vinegar dissolved all the bubbles and neutralised all the soap.

Whoops I won't make that mistake again, but lets just say I had very clean dishes.


  1. LOL, I thought you melted the silicon, but it was the soap, that's great! I haven't made soap yet, I'm looking forward to find out how yours turns out. thanks for giving me a funny start to the day!

  2. Ha! Sounds like something I'd do. I also have plans to make soap one day.

  3. hahaha ! I love it when people share moments like these - it's comforting to know I'm not the only one who does silly stuff !! And congrats on the soap making !

  4. Lol!!! Smart thinking with the vinegar!

  5. Bahaha classic, thanks for the giggle!


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