Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A Product Review

This is the second time that I have blogged about a local product from Kin Kin Naturals.  

The first product of theirs that I blogged about was their dish washing liquid.  That was back at the start of October after using it for about a month, and I stand by what I said when I said it was a great product.  
We are still using that same bottle of dish washing liquid and there is about 1/8th to go, that's about 8 months so far.  
Now I don't want to deceive anyone here into thinking that I have some magic never ending bottle of dish washing liquid, as that is clearly not the case.  The truth is that we also have a dishwasher which we use once a day.  So as well as the load through the dishwasher we do one lot of dishes in the sink per day for the things that do not go in the dishwasher.  On top of that I often use a drop or two of dish washing liquid on my dishcloth to wipe the stove top, benches and on the cupboard doors.  
In the past I have gone through a lot more bottles in that same period of time so I know that spending that little bit more to buy the Kin Kin Naturals product works out cheaper in the long run, creates less waste and supports a family run local business.

The product I want to mention today is the other one of their products that we use in the kitchen, the dish washing powder.
We have tried a couple of other brands including Earths Choice tablets and 7th Generation Powder.  The Earths Choice worked out a lot more expensive as you would expect being in a tablet and although the 7th Generation powder was close in cost and as effective as the Kin Kin Naturals it is shipped all the way from North America so looses out on the carbon footprint by a long shot and is not supporting local business which is something that is really important to me.
The Kin Kin Naturals dishwasher powder advises that it will do approximately 70 washes but I am sure you get a few more that that as we have been using our current bottle since the end of February and are about to use the last of it in the next few days. 
I have a bit of email correspondence with Felix the owner of the company and asked about other products they are looking at doing in the future and I have also made suggestions about the things that I would like to see in their range such as refill bags for the dishwasher powder and dish washing liquid and a toilet cleaner.   Felix has always responded with enthusiasm to my feedback and suggestions and he has even asked for my opinion on packaging in return.  They have recently expanded their range to include an oxygen whitener so I will be including that on my "products to try" list when I next need some.

I would like to stress that I have no affiliation with Kin Kin Naturals and not received payment for my opinion.  I am just a regular consumer who is happy to be able to give a bit of a plug to a locally made product that I am happy to use.

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