Thursday, 17 May 2012

Learning To Knit

Now if you are an experienced knitter then please do not inspect my knitting efforts too closely.

My mother in law has been teaching me to knit and so far I have knocked out a dishcloth knitted out of crochet cotton and have started one with a ball of 100% cotton.
I seems a bit strange saying ball of 100% cotton as the crochet cotton is 100% cotton too so how do I specify there is a difference?  I would have said it was ? ply but there was no such measure in the packaging.

The first one I knitted out of crochet cotton turned out  funny rectangle shape but works fine and the open weave means that it dries quickly.
I have been writing this for a few days and have now finished the second one and it came out nice and square and feels lovely and soft in the hand, not a dropped stitch in sight.
Well better go and cast on for another one.


  1. That's so great! It's quite addictive isn't it? Mel x

  2. Looks pretty neat to me, well done learning a new skill, I know it's not easy.

  3. Yay! Welcome to the dark side. ;-)

  4. Good for you!! I first learned by doing dishcloths, too :) Your work looks great!

  5. Have fun - you'll get better as you go. Pretty good for a 1st attempt! and yes it is addictive.
    cheers Wendy

  6. A great way to learn to knit ,on dishclothes as you have something so practical when you have finished. Well done.

  7. Great start with your knitting! I get too frustrated with knitting so have taught myself to crochet, for whatever reason I find having only one stitch on the hook at once alot easier to deal with lol. One day though I hope to become a proficient knitter,,,I hope I can follow your progress for inspiration!!

    I look forward to exploring your blog further, I have only just discovered you via Down to Earth :-)


  8. well done! knitting is very addictive, learned as a teenager & only just recently picked up the needles again. the fingerless mittens are also very easy to do too.
    cheers :))

    selina from kilkivan qld

  9. I've just started up learner knitting again - I've made 2 dishcloths and this weekend I hope to try a new pattern. Such a sense of achievement when you finish one, eh?

  10. Well done! I am learning to knit too and finding it very addictive. I started with dishcloths, then I tried handwarmers. They are another easy knit that is practical too. Enjoy your knitting :)

  11. Oh I didn't see this post, I've been practising knitting too, your dish cloths look good, I just made some easy things like a headband and a cowl. I just taught myself ribbing, there's some great videos on youtube, but even better if you have a real person to help :) I hope I can do fancy lacy knitting one day, must keep working in it, maybe in ten years time....


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