Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April Stockpile Challenge

We had a really good week with the April stockpile challenge this week aided by the fact that we have beans galore in the garden as well as cucumbers, rosellas, lots of fresh herbs and eggs.

This week I managed to spend less than $10 which was great.  I brought the below last Wednesday then spent another couple of dollars on more bananas on Sunday.
I have been using up bits and pieces from the fridge and supplementing ingredients instead of buying what I would normally have used.
I really need to do some baking though as there is nothing sweet to have with a cuppa and that is a tragedy. Plus Hubby is complaining that he needs some goodies for his lunch box so I think I will cook a few things and freeze some.
This week is going to be a challenge as we have friends coming for lunch on Sunday so I need to get creative  with what we are having.

If you have any frugal ideas let me know?


  1. Well done with your shopping Fiona, you are doing a great job. What about a nice slowcooked soup with fresh baked scones for lunch...plenty of pumpkins about at this time of the year and I reckon pumpkin soup is always a winner with visitors... Or maybe a nice pumpkin risotto?

  2. You have done so well Fiona! I was going to suggest a soup too with some homemade bread perhaps? Or a nice frittata? Pasta dishes are always frugal too I think! Enjoy x


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