Monday, 22 April 2013

April Stockpile Challenge

Well here we are again and I am sharing an update on how the stockpile challenge is going this month.
Well this week I went over my groceries budget of $15.  Not by a lot and I still kept it under $20 so I am not too disappointed.

So what have we been eating this week?

Well I mentioned here that we had friends coming for Sunday lunch so when planning my shopping for the week I took into account what I had planned to make, potatoes and red onions roasted with rosemary and sea salt then with home made feta added at the end and left in the hot oven that had been turned off for 10 minutes.  Home grown sausages on the BBQ and coleslaw.  It was such a tasty meal and was easy to prepare so that more time could be spent catching up.
I had also planned to use the red cabbage in my lentils and red cabbage with spicy sausage which we had the night before and I also used the cabbage as part of other meals during the week.
We have also had home made pizza, poached eggs and green bean salad.
We have bananas starting to ripen so that will help with our grocery budget as Hubby has 3 each morning in a smoothie for breakfast.
This week I also used up some macadamia nuts that were getting a bit old in some chocolate brownies.  It is a really easy recipe that uses cocoa not melted chocolate so you can make it using some basic pantry staples.  I will post the recipe later this week.
I still feel like I could be doing more to reduce our spending but I am determined to stick at it as I think being thrifty in the kitchen is a skill that you need to work on.  I know that I am a bit of a lush when it comes to food and I wonder is it possible to be thrifty as well?

Do you find it hard to be thrifty in the kitchen?


  1. Only whem it comes to cheese. If i wasnt working so much i might make it but boy do we go through a lot of cheese. Hubby wants to do the Bodytrim weight loss plan which is mostly protein so there goes the meat budget. He lost alot on it once and with the new job needs to shrink his big tummy - he grazes in a good paddock.

    1. My Hubby grazes in a good paddock too. And I know what you mean about cheese.

  2. I do, because of three children that eat quite differently to how my husband and I could eat....and the prices of food here in the suburbs are just ridiculous...I am also trying to eat to a specific diet lately too to lose some weight, so I agree with above with the buying of meat, protein.....I can buy all healthy food to make meals from scratch, I buy very little pre packaged food if any...and my grocery bill still hits around the $200.00 mark....

    1. Suzanne I am sure having kids makes a big difference and any time you are preparing more than one type of meal it will have an impact on the budget. We are very luck not to have to buy meat. I stopped shopping for fruit and veg in supermarkets a long time ago as I always found they were more expensive and not as fresh as my grocer.

  3. It's being practical. You just don't buy the things that you don't need which is a good habit. Doing it might be hard at first if you're an all out person, but if you know how to manage your cash, it will help you a lot in your future.


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