Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Queen of the Show Pavilion Strikes Again

Since moving to the country I have tried to immerse myself in the community.  Hubby would say I have done that too well with all the committees I am on but that is another story.
For the last few years I have entered a few different things in our local show and I have won a number of prizes.
This year I entered some preserves, craft and produce and check out the results.
Bread and Butter Pickles - First
Strawberry Jam - Second
Chutney - No Place
Cards - 1 x First 2 No Place
Scrap-booking - 1 x Second 2 No Place and
Rosella's First and Second AND Champion Fruit Exhibit.
I was absolutely shocked.  I spoke to the show steward and he said that not only were my rosella's really fresh but they were in excellent condition.
I think it is really important to participate in activities like the local show when you live in a small community.  Many small towns struggle to keep these sort of events going as they compete for the disposable income of families and in recruiting the manpower to and volunteers to run the event.
I believe that if everyone entered just 2 or 3 entries then that is the difference between a small town show surviving or not.  And if you have a few hours to help out then all the better.
 Here are a couple of the cards I entered.  The first one was the winner.

I would love to know if you have a local show and if you enter or maybe you volunteer.

If you enter what do you enter?  Do you make a mean sponge or fruit cake?


  1. We went to the show and I looked at the exhibits and thought I "should" have entered something, but I didn't really know how to.... congrats on your rosellas!

    1. You really should. I was a bit nervous the first year but it was quite easy. I have found that the show stewards really like us younger folk getting involved so are more than happy to share their tips and advice.

  2. Congratulations, well done Fiona!

  3. Wow...what a fantastic result Fiona! You should be very proud of yourself.

  4. Well done on all your local awards and it is a great credit to you to get involved in the community. It would be so easy just to be on your block of land doing what you do but you have the right attitude and is certainly paying off so pat yourself on the back for being a value member of your community. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane www.oursimpleandmeaningfullife.blogspot.com and www.oureverydaylifeinpictures.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks Kathy I will pop over and check out you blog when I have 1/2 and hour to spare.

  5. Fantastic effort Fiona!! I always look at the exhibits and think I should have entered but never actually do it! Well done you...I just love the country shows!

  6. Wonderful performance, that's fantastic! This is still my first 6 months in my rural property. In February our local show was on and I decided to take part. I had three entries, a Tomato Jam, a Chutney and a Plum Sauce. I got two seconds for the first of the two exhibits and was very excited. Fun isn't it? Taking part?

    I blogged about the experience on my blog too.


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